Best Ways To Find The Best Bulk SMS Company

Bulk SMS in Trend

Use of Bulk SMS is one of the best advancements in technology. It acts as a perfect tool to interact with people, send advertisements and notifications without any hassle. Nowadays, most of the companies are engaged into the same mechanism of Bulk SMS marketing tactic.

It is quite popular nowadays and is used by almost every brand, software companies, and even banks. Bulk SMS are the fastest methods of conveying information to thousands of customers within few seconds and are proved to be lucrative for organizations.

How to pick the best bulk SMS service provider

There are many bulk SMS service providers in India. But you have to search for the best one. Let’s make it easy for you. Here are some tactics which will help you to find the Best Bulk SMS Company in this wide digital market:

  1. Instant DeliveryCheck the routes your provider uses for service, you may be given a choice to select from various routes. Choose the best one, because it is one of the major elements that impact your messages and its delivery status. Select a company that targets to deliver all the messages on their respective numbers safely without any miss or delay.
  2. Provide Accurate Delivery Reports: 

    Secondly, the messages you send in bulk should give back an acknowledgment of a successful delivery. Please make sure that the company provides a tracking system for the respective deliveries. This way you can keep a check on the number of successful deliveries and there is a complete transparency around the work.

  3. Easy to UseThe API you get from them should be easy to access, as you are going to use it persistently for your work. The platform, on which you’ll send daily or weekly messages for the sake of promotions, alerts, or notifications, should be ideally structured so that you get the best out of it without wasting much time.
  4. Economic PricingCheck how much they charge for the service they provide. You can compare it with other companies too. There are some bulk SMS service providers in India which provide a free service as of a trial to test their software. It may be for a week or even for a month. This way, you get a better chance to test the service before you pay for it. However, I guess there will be different plans for different features and they will vary company to company. Be cautious for how much you get and how much you pay for it!
  5. Better Customer Support Service 

    Most importantly, check how to contact them in case of any issues. Of course, they should be available 24*7. Better check out the customer service they provide, it may be limited too.  Also, they must give a proper guide along with the software and a helpline number to discuss the queries, if any.


Raise Your Marketing Strategy with Voice SMS

“Hello, XYZ wishes you a good morning” or “We hope our product ABC is working well” we all are aware about such voice messages we receive.

In this cut-throat competition, it is very necessary for any company or brand to remain on the top of consumers’ mind to ensure that from everyone in the category, their name comes first to the mind of the consumers while making a purchase. To achieve this goal, firms get engaged in constant marketing by employing innovative and efficient marketing strategies. In this effort to devise new and unique marketing plans, bulk text and voice SMS marketing was formed.

The reason behind employing this way of marketing by the increasing number of business firms is that it is simple and quick. It has an edge over text message as listening to someone’s message has more effect than reading it. Voice SMS can convey the information with the right emotion.

Voice SMS has the upper hand over text SMS in the following ways:

  • Unlike SMS, voice SMS can be sent to landline phones as well.

  • Text SMS has a word limit, voice SMS does not has any such limit.

  • Voice SMS can be sent in different languages as per the target consumers.

  • It creates a more personalized effect than text SMS.

Thus, sending voice SMS creates more effect than conventional TV, newspaper or radio advertisements, banners and even text messages and therefore firms in our city Chennai and overall country use this method for raising their marketing strategy. I have observed that bulk SMS companies in Chennai have grown in the recent years.

Firms with the help of bulk voice SMS service providers schedule the voice messages to be sent on the particular date and time to the predefined contact list. These service providers call the target consumers and as soon as the call is received, the pre-recorded message runs. In this way, the message is sent to the large number of people in a short span of time. They also have the technology to track in real time that from all the calls made, how many were answered and how many not.

Voice SMS is sent for various reasons with the objective of building a relationship with existing consumers as well as attracting new customers.

  1. Greeting and message expressing gratitude to the consumers who have just made a purchase.

  2. Introducing new products to the existing as well as potential customers.

  3. Reminders for due dates of payments such as insurance premium or EMIs.

  4. Informing about promotional offers or discounts.

  5. Asking for feedback

  6. Asking for referring friends.

  7. Expressing gratitude to the loyal customers.

  8. Occasional greetings and wishes.

One of the advantages of sending bulk voice SMS is that a single message can be sent for multiple reasons such as greetings, feedback, acknowledging, etc.

On account of these advantages, bulk voice SMS can definitely be considered as an effective marketing tool for business in every industry.

Why Branding SMSs make The Best Marketing Tool

Your phone is personal device, and you would never entertain promotional phone calls in the middle of a working day. Businesses need to reach clients with product information at regular intervals to the keep the economy growing, and one of the easiest ways to reach the right clients is via a bulk SMS reseller. Indian cities are among the most densely populated in the world, and in such intense and competitive markets, text branding and SMS publicity is considered among the most effective marketing tools available.
With millions of people using cell phones across the country, bulk SMS resellers in India use a number of strategies to reach the right kind of clients for your company. As technology grows, voice messages and interactive flash messages are also commonly applied. The key to reaching clients these days is information; and this is easy if you can subtly reach your client, while making sure that the information is not pushed for a sale!
Bigger businesses are often recognized by their name, and you can always use traditional advertising. However, for individual products from a big brand, there is little way of advertising critical information that people will relate to. Television or internet audio visual advertisements can carry ideas well, but not critical information. Bulk SMSs and emails carry a lot of information, as well as can be retained for later reference. This is why such information marketing gathers the best response when they reach individual  phone numbers and emails.
For smaller businesses, Bulk SMS resellers in India can provide a subtle way of marketing directly to prospective clients. A larger brand which is recognized by its logo would gather instant attention with a visual or graphic advertisement, but smaller brands may not receive the same kind of attention. For such smaller enterprises, bulk texts across a small target market effectively gains better response. The clients call in with enquiries, and the vendors can select extremely close demographics to make the marketing cost effective.
When looking for any bulk SMS reseller in India, make sure that they have the right kind of local data lists. These data lists are based on cities as well as user profiles, and selecting the right market means finding vendors with the right kind of listing of local phone numbers. While there are a number of telecom service providers in India, a good text marketing company will have extensive lists of clients from various cellular service providers, as well as consumer profiles which you can use to your advantage for publicity.

How Bulk SMS Solutions Adds Value To Your Business?

The smart phone market in India is huge and it is still growing. More and more people have started using smart phones off late. This has given the companies a good reason to send SMS to promote their business by sending bulk emails and bulk SMS.

Whether it is about providing information about the newly launched service or products or let the people know about promotional offers and so on, bulk SMS can be of great help. When you need to deliver information to customers on a large scale and within a short period of time bulk SMS services is one of the best methods of doing it. Apart from the above it’s also the easiest, simplest and cost effective way to add value to the business.

SMS is the best way to advertise and market the product and services

Sending bulk SMS in Jaipur and other parts is an integral part of advertising and marketing. The expressive words that can be used in SMS has greater impact and sending SMS is the right way of spreading such messages. It is best to keep the customers informed about anything that you want to convey and this is the best way to reach existing as well as potential customers. The best part about SMS service is that it is delivered instantly and is very interactive.

Make new customers and retain the old one

When thinking of building loyal customers which is essential for the business, it is necessary to keep them intimate periodically. This can be done by sending bulk SMS in Jaipur and other parts at regular intervals. Moreover you can keep updating the list of clients by adding new customers who have been referred by the previous ones and the walk-in contacts.

Wide spread reach

No matter where the customer reside, bulk SMS will help in reaching those who reside far and wide. Due to the fact that it can be reached globally, customers who reside at any part of the world will get the SMS when sent out.

Customized messages will help in building brand loyalty

Sending personalized messages is the best way to show that you care for your customers. It is also important to note down their birthdays and anniversaries and also their important festivals. This is required so that you can send them personalized SMS on their special day and add a pinch of personal touch and make your customers feel special.

Both bulk SMS as well as bulk emails are a great and cost effective solution for promoting your business. The chance that the message is read instantly is however greater in case of SMS and emails are generally read when there is an internet connection and can take longer than SMS to reach the customers. Hence SMS is thought to be the best way when you are thinking of reaching out to the masses.

How The Right Bulk SMS Service Provider in Pune Can Help Effectively Keep in Touch With Customers Personally

Pune, like any other developing city of India is home to millions of people. While the internet is the most common way for mass publicity today; many business would seek a reliable bulk SMS service provider. In Pune, the markets might be just as contemporary as larger cities like Mumbai or Delhi, but such older methods of mass publicity have some distinct advantages. While the latest 3G or 4G connection is important technologically, text messages are unique in their way to reach out to people personally!

Here are the advantages of finding the right bulk SMS service provider in Pune who can help you keep in touch with customers better –

#1: Personal Reach

One of the key advantages of bulk SMS or Mailing is reaching out to many people personally. While a customer may not appreciate a courtesy call, business call, or even a greeting call telephonically (yes, it disrupts work); a text message is just as effective in reaching a customer personally! With the services of the right bulk SMS service provider in Pune, you can always reach out to customers individually (and efficiently) by maintaining a updated database and regular texts. This kind of personal reach makes the customer more receptive to future business communication and liaison!

#2: Effective Publicity

Even if the customer has only bought your products or hired your services only once; maintaining a “Customer Relationship” is vital for any business. This is best accomplished if your customer feels “Appreciated” and “Remembered” amongst hundreds! With the help of a bulk SMS service provider (in Pune or otherwise); you can effectively reach out to clients without intrusion because a text message reaches the person directly, and cannot be disconnected like a telephone call. Even if the person doesn’t read the text immediately, it stays on their phone for later perusal, and always has a better response.

#3: Relevant Contacts

The reason that many businesses and enterprises would hire a bulk SMS service provider in Pune would be to reach out selectively to relevant contacts. Your client database may have thousands of names and contacts, and keeping personal information and tabs on dates is IMPOSSIBLE without relevant contact databases! A reliable service provider for bulk SMSs in Pune would arrange your client database into a system where it is easy to keep a tab on dates and personal information like birthdays, anniversaries, or even professional calls and service dates which help the customer be aware of your business activities from time to time.